Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

International and Comparative Law

172: Comparative Law

Credit Hours



Introduction to Comparative Law: The Civil Tradition (LAW 309)


Perspective Elective

This course is designed to introduce students to the purposes, methodologies and substance of comparative law as a legal discipline. The course will give students a grounding in the nature and the elements of the practice of law in different legal systems; develop in students an appreciation of the social, political, historical, economic and cultural factors that are reflected in various legal systems; and prepare students for the study of more specialized courses in the comparative law area. Students will study and compare legal systems in the common law tradition (not just the U.S. but also the U.K. and possibly India and/or other countries) and those in the civil law tradition derived from ancient Roman law (looking primarily at France, Germany, Italy, and probably Chile and perhaps other countries). Through this course, students should come to appreciate how all modern legal systems, and the actors in those systems (lawyers and judges), address the same human problems - and how their methodologies differ based on interconnected factors of legal education, the nature of legal practice, legal institutions, and the society and culture in which they operate. (Haney, McCormack)

Students who have taken Introduction to Comparative Law: The Civil Tradition (LAW 309) may not enroll in this course.