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Perspective Electives

136: Law and Catholic Social Thought

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Perspective Elective

This course introduces students to the major documents that comprise the Catholic Church's social teachings. The documents will serve as a basis for a broader discussion of whether the social teaching has anything relevant to say or should have to say about current trends in American law. Considers whether lawyers of faith are obliged to move the law in a direction that comports with their core religious values and how that can be done in a pluralistic society; whether Catholic social teaching offers ideas and values that might find broad-based acceptance; and what happens if a lawyer determines that the profession and/or the society are hostile to the values presented in the social teaching. A twenty page paper delving into a particular issue or subject matter will be required for successful completion of the course. (2 Credits; however, a 3 Credit option is available to those members of the seminar who write a longer paper of thirty pages.) (Araujo)