Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Practical Lawyering Skills

602: ChildLaw Trial Practice

Credit Hours




The course requires instructor permission


Experiential Learning


This is Trial Practice I with an emphasis on those issues important to advocacy in cases involving children.  The course is taught by a team of lawyers and judges experienced in child advocacy, with a student/faculty ratio of no more than 8 to 1. The principal objective is to introduce students to litigation principles, and to teach them advocacy skills in an intensive learn-by-doing environment. The case files from which exercises are drawn also enable students to prepare for the special challenges involved in the representation of children (child witnesses, unique problems in expert testimony, special evidentiary issues, etc.).  At the end of the course each student conducts a complete trial before a mock jury at the Daley Center. Evidence is a prerequisite and the course requires instructor permission. (Boyer)