Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Practical Lawyering Skills

404: Client Counseling and Negotiation Weekend Workshop

Credit Hours



Experiential Learning


“This skills training course will be conducted in an intensive workshop format over the course of two successive weekends.  Students will learn the basic elements of client counseling and negotiation techniques and put them into practice. We will cover the process of interviewing and counseling clients and the negotiation process from the initial establishment of rapport, to the resolution of the conflict and compromise, to reach final agreement. The skills will be taught through role playing as client and attorney and as attorney vs opposing counsel.  The course is ungraded, however, students will be evaluated by in class performance, by written exam and by a final performance in counseling a client and/or an assimilated negotiation to determine a grade of pass or failure.

Students may elect [in advance] to receive one or two credits for the course based on participation in one or two weekends.  The first weekend will focus on Client Counseling and the second weekend will focus on Negotiations.”