Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Practical Lawyering Skills

528: Contract Drafting

Credit Hours



This course will teach the fundamentals of drafting precise and clear contracts.  Drafting concepts will be taught through assigned readings, lectures, in-class exercises, hands-on drafting in pairs and alone, and review of, and comments to, an individual's work and the work of others.  The majority of the semester will be devoted to drafting without the use of forms or precedent documents.  For the first several weeks of class, students will draft the components of a contract, each component being either peer-reviewed or reviewed by the instructor.  The components will be revised according to the comments received and integrated into a complete contract.  The individual drafting will be supported by independent in-class exercises and review of the assigned reading and relevant cases.  The final project will simulate a real-world drafting experience in which students will receive precedent documents, term sheets, emails, relevant statutes, and due diligence and will be required to prepare the first draft of the operative document for a transaction.