Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Practical Lawyering Skills

769: Health Justice Advocacy

Credit Hours





Perspective Elective (1Ls Spring term only)

The Health Justice Advocacy course is a live-client clinic that provides law students with an intensive, challenging education in the fundamentals of legal practice. Students practice and hone their ability to investigate facts, interview, issue spot, and advocate on behalf of a client. Students may address a variety of legal matters related to the client’s health, including medical debt forgiveness, advance care planning, housing conditions and public benefits denials. Students also gain experience collaborating on an interprofessional level and an understanding of legal systems that affect poverty and health. This course is ideal for a student embarking on a public interest, social justice or health law career.

None for Fall terms.

Faculty permission for Spring term. The course is only open to 1Ls during the Spring term.