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522: Election Law

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Perspective Elective

Course Description
The legal regulation of elections and electoral politics is the foundational infrastructure of American democracy. This 2 credit course on Election Law will give students an understanding of the themes in the legal regulation of elections and politics. It will cover all the major Supreme Court cases with respect to the right to vote, regulation of political parties and candidates, redistricting, race and representation, and campaign finance. The course will also cover voter fraud and vote suppression. Election law is a product of federal and state law, both constitutional and statutory. Consequently, this course provides a good foundation for students interested in constitutional or statutory litigation. The course will be graded by class participation and either a paper or a take-home exam.

In 2018, Election Law will be co-taught by Matthew Sag (Professor, Loyola Law School) and Ruth Greenwood (Senior Legal Counsel for Voting Rights & Redistricting for the Campaign Legal Center). Professor Sag has a strong interest in election law and first hand experience in voter protection. Professor Sag an internationally recognized expert in intellectual property law. He is a graduate of the Australian National University and is admitted to practice as an attorney in California. Professor Greenwood litigates a wide variety of redistricting cases, with a particular focus on ending partisan gerrymandering and promoting minority representation. She also has expertise in voting rights, election administration, and youth civic engagement issues. Professor Greenwood is part of a litigation team representing 12 Wisconsin voters who have challenged the state’s Assembly district lines as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander in Gill v. Whitford, a case that will be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court this term. Professor Greenwood has degrees from Columbia Law School and the University of Sydney and is admitted to practice as an attorney in Illinois and New York.