Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Courses D - H

425: Feminist Jurisprudence

Credit Hours



This is a cross-disciplinary course open to law students and students in related graduate disciplines including gender studies and social work.  The course will involve a critical exploration of the law from a feminist perspective,  The class will examine the role of law and lawyers historically and currently in challenging gender discrimination in the United States and globally. Students will be encouraged to creatively analyze how legal training can contribute to the pursuit of social justice and civil rights.

Educational Goals, Objectives, and Student Learning Outcomes

Loyola University of Chicago School of Law has carefully developed its academic program and classes so that its students achieve a specific set of educational goals, objectives, and student learning outcomes. This class will serve many of those goals, objectives, and outcomes.

Students in this class will achieve an understanding of the precepts of feminist jurisprudence, which encompasses a different perspective on many branches of the law covered in other courses including labor law, constitutional law, criminal law, and family law. 

This class is designed to encourage students to identify and formulate legal issues, generate solutions, develop legal arguments, conduct research, learn about factual investigation, and pursue interdisciplinary solutions to social issues.  Additionally, the class is fundamentally focused on helping students understand how legal education can contribute toward the pursuit of social justice for those who have not traditionally had equal access to the rights and privileges afforded by the law.