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852: Principles of Competition Law (Online)

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This is a required foundational course to introduce the on-line student to the key concepts that underlie competition law as it exists throughout the world.  The concepts that the students study here will be examined in greater detail throughout the rest of the curriculum. This course will begin the process of creating a common foundation of knowledge of the law and economics of competition by the conclusion of the program.

The course will begin with the goals and history of competition law and its spread from the United States and a handful of developed market economies to over one hundred twenty jurisdictions in today’s global economy.  The common features of competition law in all these diverse systems will be examined including 1) so-called horizontal agreements between competitors, 2) so-called vertical agreements between suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, 3) unilateral conduct by dominant firms which injures or threatens to injure competition (monopolization or abuse of dominance), 4) mergers and acquisitions which threaten to injure competition, and 5) price discrimination laws which in some jurisdictions prohibit charging different prices for the sale of the same product or service.  The remainder of the course will then shift to the public and private enforcement of these laws.