Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Courses M - S

391: Professionalism

Credit Hours



Exposure to attitudes and characteristics which act as the basis for success as a true professional in the practice of law. The class will present perspectives on how to succeed as a new lawyer, given expectations and competitive environment. The class will expose the traits identified by others that will equip law students to grow into lawyers who have true professional and personal success.

The experience will aim to provide a framework of skills that are considered indispensable for professional success that are not otherwise the focus of attention in the traditional law school curriculum. Subjects such as civility, self-awareness, resilience, the setting of focused values, duties of confidentiality and competence, and other strategic goals will be explored.

In sum, this course will be an experience in reflection, goal setting, and exposure to the realities awaiting the post-law school experience in the legal profession.