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275: Spanish for Lawyers

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Course description

The course is designed for law students who are looking to supplement their existing knowledge of the language with Spanish that focuses on the legal field.  Its main objective is to develop adequate communication skills that will allow you to advise Spanish-speaking clients on issues related to criminal, property, civil, labor, administrative, tax, commercial, and litigation law.

We will work with real documents and texts – analyzing cases, as well as reinforcing knowledge of both Spanish in the legal field as well as of different branches of law in the judiciary system.  Coursework will be carried out in groups, and a system of continuous evaluation will be implemented using assignments and projects.  The course will also include a cultural component, the aim of which will be to understand, contextualize, and handle effective exchanges with Spanish-speaking clients.


Xavier Espejo-Vadillo is a fifteen-year veteran language teacher from Barcelona, Spain. He studied foreign languages, linguistics, and education. In the United States he has expanded his studies in curriculum, instruction, and school administration as he continued teaching Spanish in the public and private sectors. Mr. Espejo’s experience in translation and Spanish for specific purposes is mainly in the medical and industrial engineering fields. He has also worked in the legal fields of civil law and school law. Some of his fields of interest are the teaching of Spanish for specific purposes, language learning, new technologies, and content and language integrated learning.

Course requirements

Permission Required and passage of basic Spanish language competency exam is a prerequisite.