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334: Toxic Tort

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This course will provide an overview of the law of toxic torts. Toxic torts is the area of law dealing with injuries due to exposure to hazardous chemical and other substances. This is an emerging area of law that will likely remain active in our industrial society. It is also an area of law were the young lawyer can with an understanding of key concepts have an advantage over older attorneys. This course will provide an understanding of the key concepts of toxic tort law. However, in addition to learning about toxic tort law, the student will learn secrets that have application in personal injury litigation outside of toxic torts. For example, how can you use the choice of a medical expert’s stethoscope to impeach his testimony? What hidden clues are in an expert’s curriculum vitae (resume)? What logical flaw can be used to discredit paternity testing results? Why are most physicians not qualified to give an opinion concerning causation and how do you prove it at trial?

The instructor of this course is a physician, attorney, industrial hygienist, toxicologist and a biomedical engineer. In addition to having served as the medical director of a major American city, he is a trial attorney who will share secret knowledge that may make a difference in the trajectory of your career. (Chiodo)