Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

First Class Assignments for Spring 2018 Semester

Cynthia Ho

Title/s: Global Access to Medicine: A Patent Perspective

Office #: (Law 388-001) Tu 2:00-4:00



Global Access to Medicine: Patent Perspectives


Preparation for Day 1 of class


1. Register on TWEN


2. Write a short reflection paper (1 page double-spaced is fine) that addresses the following questions based on your existing knowledge.

     (a)  what is a patent?

     (b)  what is the purpose of a patent?

     (c)   what do you expect to learn in this class?


Please note that there are no “correct” answers to these questions.  The purpose is for us to get a base-line assessment of expectations and knowledge.  So, you should refrain from consulting anything – that includes web sources well as people (in person and via social networks).  If you don’t know what a patent is (or its purpose), that is a perfectly acceptable answer, but I’d still be interested in what you think it is or should be. 


You should submit your paper electronically by 9 am on Tuesday, January 16 (first day of class) to the assignment drop box on TWEN (under the “Assignments & Quizzes link).  We will be discussing the results in class, but I need the responses beforehand to prepare the class discussion.  We will also be talking about these issues for the remainder of the semester.


3.  Take one of the implicit association tests, at https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/demo/ (choose any test to take).  This should take about 10-15 minutes, depending on which test you choose.  Reflect on what – if anything – you learned, as well as how you think it might be relevant to this class.  You do not need to include this in your reflection paper, but be prepared to discuss your thoughts on this on the first day of class. 


4. Be prepared to participate in class using Socrative, a free interactive polling mechanism.  To participate on your laptop, go to the student log in page and enter room HO9905. Alternatively, you can download the app (Student version) and use the same room ID.