Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

First Class Assignments for Spring 2018 Semester

James Hagy

Title/s: Advising Not-for-Profit Organizations: Business Practicum

Office #: (Law 482-001) M 9:00-11:00



Advising Not-for-Profit Organizations: Business Practicum LAW 482-001 (3087)

A detailed syllabus, plus the readings and preparation for the first class, have been posted on the Sakai site for this course. There is no textbook for this course. As a resource for your work in our course, you are required to obtain a copy of the book Cafardi and Cherry, Understanding Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations (LexisNexis 2012). You may obtain this book most economically in either print or electronic form directly on your own (Amazon has it available both in print and for Kindle, for example). You will need this text sufficiently in advance to be able to read and prepare for our first class on Monday, January 22.