Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

First Class Assignments for Spring 2018 Semester

John Bronsteen

Title/s: Criminal Law

Office #: (Law 140-004) Sat 11:30-4:25



Dear Criminal Law Students,

Congratulations on completing your first semester of law school!

There is no casebook or anything else for you to buy at the bookstore.  Everything is available on our course’s website on Sakai.

Please go to the Sakai website for our course.  It's organized slightly differently from the websites for your other courses, but it should be extremely intuitive and user-friendly.  The key is just to read the Syllabus, and then to use the tabs for Resources, Panopto, Tests and Quizzes,  and Assignments to find the materials and do the homework.

I've assigned a lot of work that's due by January 17 (three days before the first class).  But once you start doing it, I think you'll find it's far more manageable than it seems.  Still, I urge you to start early if you can, because then you won't feel rushed.  And when you feel rushed, it's hard to absorb so much new material.

Once you've done these first assignments, the rest of the semester will be downright easy.  Please trust me that it will be worth it.

So whenever you get a chance, please go to the Sakai website, download the Syllabus, and consider starting to do the work for the first class.

I look forward to meeting you on January 20!

Warm regards,


Bronsteen Criminal Law Spring 2018 Syllabus