Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

First Class Assignments for Spring 2018 Semester

Joseph Schorer

Title/s: Secured Transactions

Office #: Law 231-001 (M W 9:30-11:00)



I have created a profile on TWEN for the course on secured transactions starting in January 2018. Please register on TWEN for this course and review the syllabus, which has been uploaded to that profile. The syllabus will give you detailed information about the course. Here are key pieces of information for the first class, which will occur on January 17, 2018:


Required Materials


The assigned books for this course are (a) Problems and Materials on Secured Transactions Fourth Edition by Stephen L. Sepinuck (2017, West) (“Textbook”), and (b) Selected Commercial Statutes for Sales and Contracts Courses 2017 Edition (Chomsky, Kunz, Schiltz and Tabb, ed.) (West) (“Chomsky”). Both of these books should be available in the bookstore. As an alternative to Chomsky, you can get Practice under Article 9 of the UCC (2d ed. UCC Comm. 2012) (“ABA”). Please be aware that none of the online services contains an up-to-date version of article 9 of the UCC. Therefore, you better get either Chomsky or ABA. Please let me know right away if you cannot get any of these books through the bookstore.


Assignment for first class--PLEASE BE PREPARED. Our first class will be on January 17. Our second class will be on January 22. Our third class will be on January 24. Here is the material you should read and prepare for the first three classes:

  • Pages 1 - 76 (through Problem 2-8) in the Textbook. In particular, please be prepared to be called on in class to answer the following problems:
    • 1-1B
      • Problem 1-1 asks a series of questions about exemptions. Exemptions vary from state to state. If your surname begins with A-M, analyze Problem 1-1B under the Michigan exemption statutes. If your surname begins with N-Z, analyze Problem 1-1B under the Nevada exemption statutes.
      • I have uploaded to TWEN (under the Course Materials tab) the exemption statutes for Michigan and Nevada.
    • 1-2
    • 2-1
    • 2-2
    • 2-3
    • 2-4A
    • 2-6
    • 2-7
    • 2-8


  • I shall not be asking you to comment on Problem 1-3, but it poses a question with which we shall grapple at various times during the course. Please note that the last class of this course will return to this question with a vengeance. I also shall not be asking you to answer Problem 2-5.
  • Jet Set Debt Collectors (light reading to illustrate the point in pp. 16-18 of the Textbook;  uploaded to TWEN)”