Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

First Class Assignments for Spring 2018 Semester

Robert Lehrer

Title/s: Remedies

Office #: (Law 330-001) Tu Th 4:00-6:00



The casebook for the course is Thomas, Levine and Jung,  Remedies,  Public and Private (6th edition 2016)) ("Casebook").

     There is a  lengthy (17 page single spaced) syllabus for the course ("Syllabus"). Students already enrolled in the course have the Syllabus; students considering enrolling should request a copy of it from rlehrer@luc.edu. Among other things, the Syllabus gives students a detailed overview of the subject matter of the course, advice about how to do well in it, and the reading assignments for the entire term.

    The assignment for the first week is as follows: ‚Äč     The Syllabus, Sections I-VII, with particular attention to Section VI; Casebook:  Chapter 1,  Introduction at 1; Chapter I. A & B (including numbered notes 1-4); Chapter 1.C (excluding Bivens and numbered notes following, except for  notes 4 through 7, but including narrative texts at 22-25);  Chapter IV, but excluding numbered notes 1-2 at 303-04.