Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Academic Dismissal

A student who is dismissed for academic reasons may petition the faculty for readmission by submitting a written petition within dates announced by the readmission committee of the faculty. That committee, which normally consists of three faculty members, has been authorized to make final disposition of all such petitions on behalf of the faculty. Readmission may be denied to a student, or it may be granted, subject to whatever conditions, restrictions, and limitation the committee may see fit to impose. Readmission is the exception, not the rule.

Students who are dismissed for academic reasons and who are denied readmission will be withdrawn from any courses (including summer school) they may be attending.

Final computations of grade point averages are often not completed until classes in a subsequent semester have commenced. (This is usually the case in spring and summer sessions when final grades are not submitted and averages are not computed until well into the semester.) Students who are determined to be academically ineligible to continue in the program are automatically withdrawn from any classes in which they may be enrolled. Tuition and fees for that enrollment period are fully refunded.