Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Credit for Courses: Unit of Credit and Academic Rules

The unit of credit for determination of eligibility for the degree is the semester hour. A semester hour normally is one 50-minute class period per week for one semester of at least 15 weeks duration, inclusive of examination periods but exclusive of holidays and other periods without classes.

Each course has a designated number of semester hours. A course may be extended over one semester or two semesters. Required courses must be successfully completed at Loyola as a condition of eligibility for a degree.

All courses in the first year, as well as some courses in the second and third year, are required and may not be deferred. First year students may not add or drop courses. In addition, certain upper level courses are required for graduation; these courses must be taken in a student's second, third, or fourth year as specified. Students who do not register for required courses during the semester in which they are required will be deemed to have an improper academic advantage and may be subject to proceedings under the Code of Student Conduct.

Students who fail any required courses must repeat that course the next time it is regularly offered. A student who fails a required course in his/her last year (or, in the case of Professional Responsibility), must be aware that the failure probably will result in a delay of the student's graduation.