Loyola University Chicago

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Health Law

‌The Health Law Field Study, a component of the Access to Health Care course, is designed to sensitize students to the plight of the uninsured and medically underserved. The course and field study focus on poverty, racial, and ethnic disparities in medical treatment. Over spring break each year, students travel to a location with an underserved population and study how their lives are impacted by medical disparities.

Past trips include New Orleans, Washington DC, Phoenix, Detroit, Appalachia, and Puerto Rico. Students travel to these locations and meet with medical professionals, government workers, and community organizers to hear firsthand about the issues facing the community. Throughout the week, students are immersed in the community and come away with an understanding of how what they’ve studied in the course affects real people. Students spend the last day of the trip working in the community. Past service projects include painting and repair a group home and aiding the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina.

To sign up for the trip, students must enroll in the spring semester Access to Health Care course or request permission to attend from the Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy, health-law@luc.edu.

Sample Agenda - Detroit

Sample Agenda - Puerto Rico