Dan Saavedra (JD ’09) is the president of Betadac Media, a digital marketing agency. His firm works with businesses and law firms to develop their online marketing through website design, social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing. Dan earned a dual JD/MBA degree from Loyola and he uses his unique expertise to drive business opportunities through digital marketing for his clients.

Hometown: Park Ridge, Illinois. Currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Undergraduate Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison (graduated with a degree in Political Science and Legal Studies).

Current Employer: Betadac Media, LLC.

Tell us about your time at Loyola.

I decided to attend Loyola because of the dual JD/MBA program. I wanted a way to intersect my interests in technology, business, and law, and transitioning through these different classes was a great way to stay well-rounded. My favorite classes were the practical ones that had a hands-on approach, such as working with small businesses and non-profits in the business law clinic. I found the externship program very satisfying. I had the opportunity to extern for both a Cook County and federal judge. This program really helped me make invaluable connections and provided me with real-world experience.

How did Loyola prepare you for your career?

While I don’t practice law today, a significant number of my clients include law firms, which gives me a competitive advantage. Some lawyers are unsure about using new marketing technologies because it’s such a conservative profession, but I’m able to guide attorneys with a deeper understanding of what they do and what they’re trying to convey to their prospective clients. For these law firms, it really helps that I understand the profession and their professional obligations. There are so many opportunities for attorneys to grow their businesses through digital marketing and helping them build their online reputation is really rewarding.

What do you envision for your career in the next few years?

Online marketing is constantly growing, so there are always new things to learn in my current practice. In addition, I’m starting a new company alongside Betadac Media that sprung from a venture with a current client. We are working to connect universities with high school students who are looking to apply to these institutions – it’s an interesting blend of technology, business, and law, in the world of higher education.

What would be one piece of advice for young lawyers?

Think outside the traditional “law firm, legal practice” box. My career is unique because I found a way to leverage my legal education in a nontraditional way. Clients today are looking for lawyers who will be responsive to them and offer fresh, new perspectives. There are so many opportunities to utilize your law degree, and it’s important to diversify your experiences.


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