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Judicial Clerkships

Judicial clerkships are an excellent and prestigious way to begin your legal career. Clerkships are generally one to two year full-time positions which usually begin the fall after graduation. Clerks work for judges at all levels of state and federal court systems. Duties vary depending upon the judge's needs, but generally involve reviewing the pleadings and motions filed by parties, conducting legal research, writing memoranda or draft opinions for the judge's review, and other administrative tasks. Clerks often have the opportunity to observe hearings, trials, oral arguments, and settlement conferences. In short, clerks gain valuable insight into the inner workings of the judge's chambers.

The Office of Career Services offers programming and counseling to introduce students to this important postgraduate option. Generally, students begin the application process during their second year. A faculty committee advises students interested in applying for judicial clerkships. The Office of Career Services facilitates the application process including the preparation of letters of recommendation.

It is never too early to start thinking about steps you can take to be a strong candidate for a judicial clerkship. If you would like to learn more about judicial clerkships, please review the materials below and contact Maureen Kieffer at mkieffer1@luc.edu for more information.