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Non-traditional Legal Careers In and Around the Courts
NALP Bulletin, February 2012

Judges Who Have Hired Loyola Alumni

Tips for Judicial Clerkship Interviews

Choosing the Path to Judicial Clerkship
Chicago Lawyer Magazine, August 2011, featuring quotes from Loyola professors Spencer Waller and Joe Stone and Loyola law alumna Mary Curry ('05) 

The ABCs of Clerkship Research: Tailor the Search to Maximize Fit
NALP Bulletin, March 2010 

Obtaining Good Judicial Clerkship Recommendation Letters
NALP Bulletin, March 2009

Preparing for Judicial Clerkships: Tips for Students Spending Their Summer in the Private Sector
Prepared by NALP's Judicial Clerkship Committee

Clerkship Confidential: Judges Reveal What it Takes to Get Inside Their Courtroom
American Bar Association, Law Student Division

The Value of Judicial Clerkships to a Transactional Career
NALP Bulletin, January 2009

Federal Staff Attorney Positions*
NALP Bulletin, December 2008
*Addresses listed in this article should be verified as information may have changed since publication.

Quick Guide to Background Checks for Federal Judicial Clerkships
NALP Bulletin, February 2015

Judicial Clerkships for International Students
NALP Bulletin, May 2012

Judicial Clerkships: An Oft Overlooked Option for Students Interested in Public Sector Careers
NALP Bulletin, February 2011

Patent Pilot Program Courts
NALP Bulletin, September 2013