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Patent Law Interview Program: Employer Information

The Loyola Patent Law Interview Program is a two-day interview program held in Chicago each summer that brings together patent law employers and law students from across the country to interview for summer associate positions and post-graduate employment. The 2017 Patent Law Interview Program will be held on Thursday, August 3 & Friday, August 4 at the Embassy Suites Chicago - Downtown/Lakefront at 511 N. Columbus Drive in downtown Chicago. All hotel reservations for the program are handled through Loyola.

Employer registration has ended. However, if your firm
is interested in participating in the 2017 Patent Law Interview
Program, please email Law-PatentProgram@luc.edu.

2017 Participating Employers2017 Registered Law Schools

Each year roughly 1,500 law student register for the program, submit their resumes and transcripts, and bid on interviews with the nation-wide employers that interest them. The program is entirely employer selected - which means that participating employers review the materials submitted to them and choose the law students they are interested in interviewing at the program.


The Loyola Patent Law Interview Program is an entirely employer selected program - which means that employers choose all of the students they wish to interview based on student materials. When registering, employers have the opportunity to designate which offices they are interviewing for, which technical backgrounds they are interested in, and what their hiring criteria are. Participating law students see this information and have the opportunity to "bid" on interviews with participating firms by submitting their resume to 32 potential employers.

On May 23, employers will be able to see the resumes of all the students who have bid on them. After reviewing the resumes, employers select 16 students per interview schedule, and up to 16 alternates per interview schedule. Alternates are students to be scheduled in the event that any of the original 16 students cancels an interview. Employer selections are due by June 19.

Once employers have selected the students they wish to interview, we schedule the students for interviews. When students receive their interview schedules on June 30, they have the option of canceling any interviews they do not wish to attend. When student cancellations are finished, we schedule students selected as alternates into any empty slots created by cancellations. Once this process is complete, final interview schedules will be available to employers on July 7.

The interview program takes place on Thursday, August 3 and Friday, August 4. All of the interview rooms at the program are suites. The fee for each interview room includes sleeping accommodations for one interviewer the night before the interviews. On the interview day, the interviewer staying in the room can shut the door on their sleeping area and conduct the interviews in the living room area of the suite. Interviews run from 9:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. - each interview is 20 minutes long, with 5 minute breaks between interviews. There is a lunch break each day from 12:45 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Employers interested in meeting with more than just the students they select often choose to host a hospitality suite for all students interviewing at the program. The hospitality suite will be a corner king room adjacent to the employer's interview room(s). Employers typically bring one or more attorneys and a recruiting professional to staff the hospitality suite and interact with students in a more casual setting than an interview.


Employer registration for the 2017 Patent Law Interview Program will begin on Thursday, February 16 and will end on Friday, April 7.

Please note that you cannot register for the Patent Program through Symplicity. All requests for schedules at the 2017 Patent Law Interview Program must be made through our online registration site.


Registration Fee: $600 per employer

Interview Room: $750 per day
Each interview room includes sleeping accommodations the night before the interviews; breakfast and lunch on the day of the interviews; a 16-slot interview schedule running from 9:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.; and the opportunity to arrange your interview schedule(s) by city, technical background, and/or practice area.

Hospitality Suite: $750 per day
Each hospitality suite includes sleeping accommodations the night before the hospitality suite; breakfast and lunch the day of the hospitality suite; a late check-out so that the hospitality suite can remain open until 5:00 p.m.; a sign for the hospitality suite, customizable with your logo; and publicity for your hospitality suite to all interviewing students.

Extra Sleeping Room: $400 per day
For interviewers wishing to stay the night after the interviews, or if you plan to bring more than one interviewer per interview room, extra sleeping rooms include overnight accommodations with breakfast and lunch on the day of the interviews and a 12:00 noon checkout.


Our online registration site allows you to make more specific requests for your interview schedules by location, technical background, or area of practice. In past, employers have asked that we organize their schedules by city (e.g. one Chicago interview schedule and one San Francisco/LA interview schedule), by technical background (e.g. one Electrical Engineering schedule and one Biochem schedule), or by area of practice (e.g. one IP Litigation schedule and one Patent Prosecution schedule).

These requests are not difficult to accommodate in Symplicity if we know about the specific criteria for each schedule before the students begin bidding, but are much more difficult to address after student bidding is underway. Accordingly, our online registration system will request that you provide this information when you register. We will set up these cities, technical backgrounds, and areas of practice in Symplicity so that students can bid based on their interests and background.

We know that employers often need to make changes to their registration after they have viewed the student resumes. You will be able to adjust the number of interview rooms and extra sleeping rooms you are registered for through the end of May by contacting us directly.


Employers have the option of selecting whether you would like to interview 2L, 3L, and/or LLM students at the 2017 Patent Law Interview Program. This year, the program will be accepting registrations from:

  • JD students graduating in May/June 2018 (3Ls)
  • JD students graduating in May/June 2019 (2Ls)
  • JD students graduating in December 2017/January 2018 (3Ls)
  • JD students graduating in December 2018/January 2019 (2Ls)
  • Students in Intellectual Property LLM programs with anticipated graduation dates in 2018 and 2019


Employers who are not able to attend the program but wish to receive resumes from interested students can request a resume collect. In response to an employer's stated needs and hiring criteria, students submit resumes electronically, and the employer receives an electronic packet of all resumes submitted. A resume collect costs $400. To request a resume collect, please fill out our resume collect form.


The Patent Law Interview Program staff can be reached at law-patentprogram@luc.edu.


Thursday, February 16

Employer Registration Begins

Friday, April 7

Deadline for Employer Registration ($600 Registration Fee due)

Tuesday, April 11

Student Bidding Begins

Friday, May 19

Deadline for Student Bidding

Tuesday, May 23

Employers can view Student Bids on Symplicity

Monday, June 19

Deadline for selecting Student Interviewees & Alternates

Monday, June 26

Initial Interview Schedules available to Employers on Symplicity

Friday, June 30

Initial Interview Schedules available to Students

Friday, June 30 - Tuesday, July 4

Student Interview Cancellation Period

Friday, July 7

Final Interview Schedules available on Symplicity

Early July

Invoices for Room Charges Emailed to Employers

Thursday, August 3 & Friday, August 4

2017 Patent Law Interview Program