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Employment Statistics for Loyola University Chicago School of Law

All statistics below are based on completed graduate employment surveys from 2007-2011:
Class of 2007 (PDF)
Class of 2008 (PDF)
Class of 2009 (PDF)
Class of 2010 (PDF)
Class of 2011‌ (PDF)

National Legal Employment Summary for the Classes of 2007-2011 from www.nalp.org:
Class of 2007
Class of 2008
Class of 2009
Class of 2010
Class of 2011

For additional years (1999-2006), click here.


Additional Information & Resources
Employment Market for Law School Graduates Wavers
A longitudinal student of law graduate hiring; Published by NALP in July 2010

Law Graduate Hiring Trends
Resources addressing shifts in law graduate hiring over various periods of time; Published by NALP.

Perspectives on Fall Recruiting
Multi-year analyses of fall recruitinment; Published by NALP.