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How has the current state of the legal job market affected Loyola's law students?

The current state of the economy has affect Loyola's law students as it has all law students nationwide. Record numbers of lawyers are now competing for fewer jobs, and this has created an incrediby competitive job market.

Job searches are taking longer for our students and are requiring more individual initiative. When some students do graduate with a job, recent data suggests that for some students it can take six to nine months after graduation to secure full-time employment.

Loyola students are also casting broader nets during their job searches. Students are applying for more jobs in more legal markets and are occasionally including non-traditional employment options in their job searches. Not every legal market was hit equally hard by the economic downturn, and we continue to encourage our students to consider small and medium-sized markets in addition to large urban centers when crafting their job search.

For a general overview of how our graduates have fared over the past few years, please review the employment statistics for our Classes of 2007 through 2011.

Employment Statistics
Class of 2007 (PDF)
Class of 2008 (PDF)
Class of 2009 (PDF)
Class of 2010 (PDF)
Class of 2011 (PDF)

National Legal Employment Summaries for Classes of 2007-2011 (from www.nalp.org)
Class of 2007
Class of 2008
Class of 2009
Class of 2010
Class of 2011