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Self Assessment

A thoughtful self-assessment is essential for good career planning, so begin by trying to identify your individual work style preferences, personal definition of success and practical needs. Self-assessment can take many forms, and we encourage you to continue to refine your self-assessment throughout law school, but as a starting point, we recommend that you try the following: 

  1. Review Past Experiences
    Pull out the resume that you used to apply to law school and run through each entry. Considering your work, volunteer and extra-curricular experience, develop a list of things you like to do, and things you prefer not to do. 
  2. Define Personal Job “Musts”
    As part of your self-assessment, be really honest with yourself about what your true job "musts" are. Knowing your bottom line will help direct your career planning and job searches. Practical issues to consider include geographic location, income requirements and hours that you can work.
  3. Answer Major, Lindsey & Africa’s “Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Practice Area.” 
    This presentation will help you identify areas of the law that might be a good fit for your personality.