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Difficult Conversations and Thanks for the Feedback

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Difficult Conversations and Thanks for the Feedback
By Sheila Heen

Tuesday, November 7 

Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Philip H. Corboy Law Center
25 E. Pearson St., Chicago

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most
10–11:30 a.m. (Room 1401)

Delivering bad news. Dealing with tensions in the department.  Getting a peer to follow through on what they (repeatedly) promised.  Saying no.  Explaining to your family why you have to work–yet again–this weekend.
We face difficult conversations every day.  Handling these conversations efficiently is no longer just a good idea–it’s integral to our success as individuals, as teams or departments, and ultimately, as a university.   Failure comes at high cost–conflicts that fester consume energy, sap creativity, and destroy teamwork. 
Author Sheila Heen will join us to share a little bit of what she’s learned about handling strong emotions, responding to blame, and staying on your feet to move these conversations in a positive direction.  Sheila teaches at Harvard Law School and is a co-author of the New York Times Business Bestseller Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most (Penguin 2nd ed 2010).

Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well (even when it’s off-base, unfair, poorly delivered, and frankly, you’re not in the mood).
12 –1 p.m. (Power Rogers & Smith Ceremonial Courtroom, 10th Floor)

Pizza will be served

Honest feedback is critical to our professional—and personal—growth, yet can also be among the most painful experiences in our lives.  This short session will identify the 3 kinds of feedback we all need to learn and grow, as well as the typical triggered reactions we have to others’ (often unsolicited) advice.  Based on her latest New York Times bestseller Thanks for the Feedback, Sheila will share how to accelerate your own growth and get honest and useful feedback—even in law firms which are notoriously lousy at providing it—and what she has learned about how to turn even off-base, crazy-making feedback into sustainable learning and growth.  
About Sheila Heen
Sheila has spent more than twenty years teaching at Harvard Law School and with the Harvard Negotiation Project.  She is also a Founder of Triad Consulting, where she works with a wide range of clients on six continents, including Pixar, American Express, the NBA, Cisco, the Pentagon and the Singapore Supreme Court. In the public sector she has also provided training for the New England Organ Bank, Greek and Turkish Cypriots grappling with the conflict that divides their island, and theologians struggling with disagreement over the nature of truth and God.  She recently flew with an F-16 training mission at the Luke Air Force Base as they explore how to strengthen feedback while training American pilots. 
Sheila is a graduate of Occidental College and Harvard Law School.  She is schooled in negotiation daily by her three children.