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International LLM with ADR Focus


The focus in U.S. law is designed for students who seek to develop an expertise in specific aspects of American law. The rigorous curriculum immerses students in the foundations of U.S. law and legal thought and provides a thorough training in skills critical to advising clients in the U.S. and globally.


The focus in International Law gives students the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to match their academic interests and professional goals. Students may fully concentrate their studies in the area of private and public international law, or combine international law with a specialization in any field of law offered by Loyola's centers and institutes: arbitration, mediation and negotiation; business and tax; child and family; competition; health; intellectual property, and trade and finance. They also may develop their own focus under the guidance of Loyola's engaged international faculty.

CONTACT US at Intl-llm-admissions@luc.edu.


I am pleased to introduce the new LLM Program for International Lawyers at Loyola University of Chicago School of Law, launched in 2012. This LLM Program is designed for international law school graduates and attorneys. I invite you to review the detailed information on this website about program options, student life at Loyola and in Chicago, admissions procedures, and the long-standing tradition of academic excellence at Loyola Chicago. Applications for enrollment in the spring semester (beginning in late January 2014) and fall semester (beginning in late August 2014) are accepted now. For exceptionally qualified students Loyola provides partial-tuition scholarships.

Choosing the right LLM program can be a daunting task. In making the choice, you will determine the factors that are most important for you and your personal development. You will compare programs in terms of program focus, reputation of the law school, location, teaching culture and environment, scholarship options, and support structure. Here are some of the reasons why we believe that joining the LLM Program at Loyola Law Chicago would be a rewarding and career-enhancing experience for you:

  • Loyola’s faculty includes a notable number of outstanding scholars who are leading experts in various areas of U.S. and international law and who are directly engaged in teaching and advising the international students
  • Loyola’s internationally renowned institutes, centers, and programs are a venue for faculty, experienced practitioners, and students to collaborate on curricular and extra-curricular projects broadening the students’ research and  hands-on skills, and providing a framework for interdisciplinary education
  • Loyola offers a merit-based tuition-reduction scholarship program
  • Loyola’s LLM Program for International Lawyers is  kept deliberately small to allow our international staff to provide students with individualized academic and career counseling throughout the course of their study and beyond
  • Loyola is flexible: we enroll students in January and August, allow part-time study, and offer conditional admission (ESL on campus), broad curriculum choices, and personalized focus options in both tracks
  • Loyola is part of a rich Jesuit educational heritage that emphasizes academic excellence and creates a genuinely welcoming, diverse, and vibrant academic environment
  • Loyola is located in the heart of a world-class metropolis that provides global net-working opportunities with leading law firms, corporations, and government agencies as well as research, cultural, and not-for-profit institutions in virtually every area of law
  • Loyola’s home town, Chicago, is one of the most livable major cities in the country with great neighborhoods, architecture, museums, concerts, theaters, opera, festivals, sport venues, restaurants and clubs, and outdoor activities.

I am available to answer your specific questions about Loyola’s LLM Program for International Lawyers and your career options. Please contact me at iblanke1@luc.edu or 312-915-7091.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Insa Blanke
Executive Director of the Foreign and International LLM Programs
Loyola University Chicago School of Law