Loyola University Chicago

Dan K. Webb Center for Advocacy

School of Law


Full time students complete 24 credit hours over one academic year and part-time students complete 24 credits over two academic years.  All students must complete the required courses, listed below. The remaining credits must be completed from a list of elective Advocacy courses located here. Different courses will be offered each semester.

Required Courses:

Advanced Evidence (2 credit hours)
This course offers an in-depth study of three important areas in the presentation of evidence at trial: character (e.g., habit, routine and prior bad acts, as well as traditional character traits), hearsay, and expert testimony.

Advanced Trial Practice (4 credit hours) 
This course will teach students the law and techniques used during the trial process. The course will instruct students and require them to simulate jury selection and voir dire, opening statements, witness examinations, exhibits, objections, and closing statements.

Advanced Writing for Legal Practice: Advanced Appellate (2 credit hours) 
This course will teach advanced legal research strategies, brief writing, oral argument technique, and the components of appellate procedure. Students will be required to compose appellate briefs and to deliver oral arguments.

Advanced Mediation Cert. and Courthouse Practicum (3 credit hours)
Students in this course will be trained to become certified mediators and then develop their mediation skills through hands-on experience mediating in court. The course starts with a mandatory intensive mediation skills training conducted by the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) at the beginning of the semester. The course will thereafter meet once a week in seminar to discuss, practice and improve upon student mediation skills. Students who complete the skills training portion of the course and meet all of CCR's certification requirements will be certified as CCR volunteer mediators and mediate actual cases in Cook County courts while continuing to meet in class once a week to discuss and build on what they learn in the mediations. Upon completion of this course and the CCR certification process, students will be able to continue volunteering as mediators for CCR, as long as they continue to meet CCR's volunteer requirements. There is no prerequisite for this class; however, preference will be given to students who have already completed a mediation or negotiation course. (Instructor Permission Required)