Loyola University Chicago

Dan K. Webb Center for Advocacy

School of Law

Dispute Resolution Tryouts

Info session:

  • Wednesday, April 12th, 4pm-5pm at Loyola, Room 1303
  • Wednesday, April 19th, 12pm-1pm at Loyola, Room 1101

Tryout Date(s) and Time(s):

  • Monday, April 24th, 5pm-8pm - Negotiation Team at Loyola, Room 1215
  • Tuesday, April 25th, 5pm-8pm - Mediation Team at Loyola, Room 1215
  • Thursday, April 27th, 5pm-8pm - Client Counseling Team at Loyola, Room 1215

Negotiation Team:  For those of you interested in trying out for the 2017-2018 Negotiation Competition Team, please email Gina Gerardi at ggerardi@luc.edu, or stop by Room 1027, to sign-up for a 15 minute Tryout Timeslot.  

To prepare for your Tryout:  you should read the General Facts found HERE. Confidential Facts will be sent to you for your Client after you confirm a Tryout Timeslot with Gina.  Read both sets of Facts prior to your Tryout and be prepared to Negotiate the problem for approximately ten minutes.

Students should plan to be at the tryout room 15 minutes before their scheduled time slot.  Please email any questions regarding Tryouts to Gina and Coach Jen Wood at jlwoods10@gmail.com.

Mediation Team:  Please visit the TWEN page entitled “Alternative Dispute Resolution Society” for more information.

Client Counseling Team:  Please review your Application and Tryout Prompt HERE. Please complete and return the application to Gina Gerardi at ggerardi@luc.edu by Wednesday, April 26th and either email Gina or stop by Room 1027 to sign-up for a 20 minute Tryout time slot.  

More information about Dispute Resolution Teams can be found here: http://www.luc.edu/law/centers/advocacy/adr/competitions.html

International Commercial Arbitration and the CISG – Permission of Professor Required

Students who would like to participate in the 2017-18 Vis Moot Program, with oral argument in the spring semester in Vienna or Hong Kong, must take International Commercial Arbitration and the CISG in the fall of 2017. Sixteen students will be admitted to the course.

At the end of the semester, eight will be chosen to be Vis Moot Fellows. Four Vis Moot Fellows will go to Vienna in the spring and four will go to Hong Kong to participate in an international moot arbitration competition.

To be considered for the class, you need to email a statement of interest and a resume to Prof. Moses, mmoses1@luc.edu. You should send the statement of interest and resume by April 17th. Because the final decision as to admission will not be made until late April, you need to register for a full course load, but be prepared to drop a course if you are selected for admission to the arbitration class.  ATTENTION:  The deadline to submit your statement of interest and resume to Prof. Moses has been extended to April 30th.

You cannot take this class if you are A CORBOY FELLOW OR IF YOU ARE on a mock trial team or on a moot court team that competes in EITHER the fall semester OR THE SPRING SEMESTER.