Loyola University Chicago

Dan K. Webb Center for Advocacy

School of Law

Moot Court Tryouts

Info sessions: 

  • Tuesday, March 28th, 2pm-3pm at Loyola, Room 1101
  • Tuesday, April 4th, 2pm-3pm at Loyola, Room 1101
  • Tuesday, April 11th, 2pm-3pm at Loyola, Room 1101
  • Tuesday, April 18th, 2pm-3pm at Loyola, Room 1101

Tryout Sign up: Sign up for a tryout through the TWEN page entitled "Moot Court Tryouts 2017."  This page will contain detailed instructions for trying out. 

Application: The application is available through the TWEN page. Detailed instructions on when and how to submit the packet are included in the application. 

Tryout Date(s) and Time(s): 

Friday, April 21st and Saturday, April 22nd at Loyola.  You can sign-up for a tryout time slot between 9:30am and 4:45pm either day on TWEN.  Room assignments are TBA.

Other information: To try out, students use the brief written for their Legal Writing or Advocacy course (depending on whether you are a 1L or 2L) and use the oral argument that corresponds with that brief.  If you have any questions, please email mootcourt@luc.edu.

In addition to attending team practices, all students competing on a Moot Court team will be required to take the Appellate Advocacy Honors course throughout the academic year.  The course is scheduled for Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm. 

More information about the Moot Court Program can be found here: http://www.luc.edu/law/centers/advocacy/appl_advocacy.html