Loyola University Chicago

Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies

School of Law

‌Antitrust is an influential area of the law that seeks to maintain a competitive economy for the benefit of consumers and competitors. The government's victory in the Microsoft case, billion-dollar fines in price-fixing cases and the recent flood of multi-billion-dollar mergers are all examples of the impact of antitrust law on the daily lives of all.

The Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies is a non-partisan, independent academic center designed to explore the impact of antitrust enforcement on the individual consumer and the public, and to shape policy issues.

The Institute promotes a comprehensive, inclusive view of the benefits of competition law and policy that includes, yet goes beyond, prevailing narrow notions of economic efficiency. The Institute fulfills its mission by sponsoring symposia, academic colloquia, a unique student fellowship and the world's first online masters programs in Global Competition Law.