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Brands, Competition, and the Law: Course Materials


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Infringement and Dilution under Jada Toys: Still like Murder and Manslaughter? (PDF)
by: John Chen and Joe Cole

Ambiguity in Federal Dilution Law Continues: Levi Strauss & Co. v. Abercrombie & Fitch Trading Co., Case in Point (PDF)
by: Jane Ann Levich

Buyer power continued (PDF)
by: Alastair Gorrie

Response: An Information Approach to Trademarks (PDF)
by: Deven R. Desai

Brands, Competition, and the Law (PDF)
by: Deven R. Desai and Spencer Waller

Trademark Dilution and the Management of Brands: Implications of the Trademark Dilution Revision Act for Marketing and Marketing Research (PDF)
by: John D. Mittelstaedt and Gary J. Gaeth

An Introduction to the Competitive Effects of Branding (PPT)
by: Kirsten Edwards-Warren 

Brands, Cross-Border Competition and the Law of One Price (PPT)
by: Phil Evans

*83 Brand Marketing, Intrabrand Competition, and the Multibrand Retailer: The Antitrust Law of Vertical Restraints (PDF)
by: Warren S. Grimes

Brand Selling and Retail, Intrabrand Competition: Is Resale Price Maintenance an Efficient and Procompetitive Signal of Quality and Image? (PPT)
by: Warren S. Grimes

Marketing and Modern Antitrust Thought (PDF)
by: Gregory T. Gundlach

Bayer or Walgreen's? The Relationship of Premium and Value Brands (PPT)
by: James Langenfeld, Wenqing Li, and Sophie Yang

Posh Spice & Persil: Both Big Brands, Both Alive; and Both Belonging to the Public (PPT)
by: Jeremy Bullmore

Brands and EU Competition Law: More Sword Than Shield (PPT)
by: Ioannis Lianos

Upfront Access Payments, Category Management and the New Regulation of Vertical Restraints in EU Competition Law: Importing the Retail Side of the Story (PDF)
by: Ioannis Lianos

Individuals, Markets and Business Competitiveness (PPT)
by: John Noble

Owning Mark(et)s (PDF)
by: Mark A. Lemley and Mark P. McKenna