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Reinventing Consumer Protection
David Adam Friedman of the Willamette University law faculty has just published Reinventing Consumer Protection, 47 DePaul L. Rev. 45 (2007).  It is both interesting and innovative and I highly recommend it.

Audio of American Antitrust Institute Conference on Private Antitrust Litigation available here.



South Africa imposes largest fine to date in bread cartel case (Word Document)

Indian Parliament Passes Competition Bill (PDF)
Janna Grandone
Student Fellow
Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies
Loyola University Chicago School of Law



See Professor Waller's interview on First Business on recent merger law developments.



Two New Upcoming Antitrust Conferences:

Latin American Competition Policy Conference, details at http://law.missouri.edu/latin-am-antitrust.

9th Annual Sedona Conference on Antitrust Law and Litigation.


JULY 2007

Why don't more elite law schools teach consumer protection?

The following entry from Public Citizen's Consumer Law & Policy Blog discusses this important and intriguing topic.



MAY 2007

Click here to view Professor Waller's Interview about the Whole Foods-Wild Oats Merger

Listen to Professor Waller interview on WTMX, The Vantage Point, on 5/20/07 discussing international trade and antitrust law

Monograph: Federal Statutory Exemptions from Antitrust Law (PDF)

The 2007 Report and Recommendations of the Antitrust Modernization Commission (PDF)
Mark L. Evans
Student Fellow
Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies


APRIL 2007

The Antitrust Modernization Commission has issued its final report which is available here (PDF).


MARCH 2007

Transcript of Supreme Court Oral Argument in Leegin Litigation on Resale Price Maintenance (PDF) 

Amicus brief of Consumer Federation of America in Leegin litigation (PDF)

An Open Letter to the Supreme Court of the United States from Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour, Subject: The Illegality of Vertical Minimum Price Fixing, February 26, 2007 (PDF)



Supreme Court's Antitrust Review Expands (PDF)
Tim Cox
Student Fellow
Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies
Loyola University Chicago School of Law



Executive Summary (PDF)

Tentative Recommendations (PDF)

Congressional Letter on Resale Price Maintenance (PDF) 

REVIEW: Michael D. Whinston, Lectures on Antitrust Economics (PDF)
James Langenfeld, PhD
LECG and
Loyola University Chicago School of Law