Loyola University Chicago

Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies

School of Law

2003 Archive

Competition and Consumer Protection: Breaking Down the Walls (PDF)

Spencer Weber Waller
Associate Dean for Faculty Research
Director, Institute of Consumer Antitrust Studies and Professor
Loyola University Chicago School of Law


Repositioning Competition Policy (PDF) 

Phil Evans
Consumers Association, UK


Illustrating a Behaviorally-Informed Approach to Antitrust Law: Section 2 Predation and Beyond (PDF) 

Avishalom Tor
Research Fellow
Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business
Harvard Law School


Act Locally, Apply Globally: Protecting Consumers from International Cartels by Applying Domestic Antitrust Law Globally (PDF) 

Ryan A. Haas
J.D. candidate, May 2004
Loyola University Chicago School of Law


Cultures and Cartels: Cross-Cultural Psychology for Antitrust Policies (PDF)

Professor Ki Jong Lee
Associate Professor of Law
Andong National University, Korea


Developing a Behavioral Approach to Antitrust Law and Economics: An Executive Summary (PDF)

Avishalom Tor
Senior Research Fellow
Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies
Loyola University Chicago School of Law


Multilateral Competition Agreement (PDF)

The Consumer Union & Trust Society, India


Telecommunications: An Industry in Transition - Continuing Deregulation and Antitrust Laws (PDF)

Winnie Wong


The Misuse and Abuse of the Tunney Act: The Adverse Consequences of the Microsoft Fallacies (PDF)

John J. Flynn
Hugh B. Brown Professor of Law
University of Utah

Darren Bush
Assistant Professor
University of Houston Law Center