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Symposium Papers

Symposium Papers on the Future of Private Rights of Action in Antitrust

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Exporting Antitrust Courtrooms to the World: Private Enforcement in a Global Market‌
Clifford A. Jones
Visiting Lecturer in Law
University of Florida
Frederic G. Levin College of Law


Five Principles of Common Sense Why Foreign Plaintiffs Should be Allowed to Sue Under U.S. Antitrust Laws
Michael D. Hausfeld
Partner, Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll, PLLC
Washington, DC


Foreign-Injured Antitrust Plaintiffs in U.S. Courts: Ends and Means
Salil K. Mehra
Associate Professor
Temple University
Beasley School of Law


The Future of Private Rights of Action in Antitrust: A Conference Introduction
Spencer Weber Waller
Professor and Director
Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies
Loyola University Chicago
School of Law


Jurisdictional Conflict in Global Antitrust Enforcement
Hannah L. Buxbaum
Professor of Law and
Ira C. Batman Faculty Fellow
Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington


Price-fixing Class Actions: A Canadian Perspective
Charles M. Wright
Partner, Siskind, Cromarty, Ivey & Dowler, L.L.P.
London, Ontario

Matthew D. Baer
Associate, Siskind, Cromarty, Ivey & Dowler, L.L.P.
London, Ontario

Private Enforcement of Antitrust Rules - Modernization of the EU Rules and the Road Ahead
Donncadh Woods
Deputy Head of the Policy Development Unit
Directorate General for Competition
Commission of the European Communities


Reflections on the Manifold Means of Enforcing the Antitrust Laws: Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right?
Joseph P. Bauer
Professor of Law
Notre Dame Law School
Visiting Professor
Emory University School of Law
Spring 2004


Revisiting History - What Have We Learned About Private Antitrust Enforcement That We Would Recommend To Others?
Donald I. Baker
Senior Partner
Baker & Miller, PLLC
Washington, DC
Former Assistant Attorney General
in Charge of the Antitrust Division
U.S. Department of Justice


Why Antitrust Damage Levels Should be Raised
Robert H. Lande
Venable Professor of Law
University of Baltimore
School of Law
Director and Senior Research Scholar
American Antitrust Institute