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Business Law Clinic I students and faculty

Business Law Clinic I students and faculty pictured. Back row: Emily Ancona, John Munyon, Kevin Major, Sarah Stewart, Professor Mary Hanisch, Michael Kraft, Lisa Besendorfer and Tasha Serafin. Front row: Payal Patel, Marina Yarnoff, Jessica Parsons, Elise Anderson, Professor Shelley Dunck, Helaina Metcalf, Lisa Manrique and Andrea Calvert

Founded in 1999, the Business Law Clinic (“BLC”) at Loyola University Chicago School of Law is a transactional law clinic that offers students a unique opportunity to develop essential lawyering skills in a professional, interactive live-client environment.

Student clinicians, under the direct supervision of licensed attorneys, represent entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as individuals who are seeking legal assistance with not for profit organizations. The opportunity to represent and counsel clients in a live clinical setting allows student clinicians to experience firsthand what it is like to be a true business lawyer and to begin their transition from academic student to professional attorney in a meaningful way.

In addition to allowing students to learn transactional lawyering skills in context, the BLC is committed to providing clients with affordable quality legal services in keeping with Loyola’s commitment to serving the community. Legal services are provided to not for profit organizations on a pro bono basis. The Business Law Clinic adheres to the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Supreme Court of Illinois.

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Phone: 312.915.7314

E-mail Address: businesslaw@luc.edu

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