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School of Law

Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Business Law Curriculum

The online M.J. degree is a 24 unit part-time program. It is designed to be completed in two calendar years by taking an average of four credits in each of six consecutive terms (including a summer term). Each term is approximately 14 weeks in duration. In addition, in order to complete the degree, students are required to attend at least one education immersion weekend at Loyola. With special permission, students may complete the degree at a faster or slower pace. The curriculum is comprised of both required courses and elective courses, with an emphasis on acquiring substantive knowledge, developing ethical leadership and honing practical skills.

For a detailed overview of our course schedule, please click here.  

Term 1
Students must take this required course:

Introduction to Legal Study and Legal Writing (4) (Online)

Term 2
Students must take this required course:

MJ Business Organizations (4)

Terms 3, 4 and 5
Students must take two elective courses during each of these terms. We anticipate that at least three of the following elective courses will be offered each term (including summers), however, the number of course offerings may be adjusted from time to time depending on enrollment levels in each term. Please note that Business Ethics and Social Responsibility is a required class.

MJ Corporate Governance Law and Practice (2)
MJ Financial Institution Regulation I (2)
MJ Securities Regulation I (2)
MJ Corporate Tax (2)
MJ Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (2) (Note: This is a required class)

Term 6
Students must take this required course:

MJ Thesis/Capstone Project (4)