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The online M.J. degree is a 24 credit part-time program designed to be completed in 2 calendar years by taking 4 credits in each of six consecutive terms (including summers). To satisfy the degree requirements, students must successfully complete 4 required courses (including the thesis/capstone project), and six elective courses. In addition, students must attend at least one Education Immersion Weekend. With special permission, students may complete the program at a faster or slower pace.

Each term is approximately 13 - 15 weeks in duration.

Term 1
Students must take these 2 required courses:

LAW 665 - Introduction to the Study of Law and the Legal System (2)
LAW 667 - Introduction to Children's Law (2)

Term 2
Students must take this required courses:

LAW 668 - Leadership Development (4)

Terms 3, 4 and 5
Students must take two elective courses during each of these terms. At least three of the following elective courses will be offered each term (including summers) and may be adjusted depending on enrollment levels in each course:

LAW 669 - Education Law and Policy (2)
LAW 670 - Child Welfare Law and Policy (2) 
LAW 671 - Juvenile Justice Law and Policy (2) 
LAW 672 - Family Law (2) 
LAW 673 - Mental Health Law (2)
LAW 675 - Legislation and Law Reform (2) (Coming Soon) 
LAW 678 - International Children's Rights (2)
LAW 679 - Children's Health Law and Policy (2)

Term 6
Students must take this required course:

LAW 677 - Thesis/Capstone Project (4)

Educational Immersion Weekends
In addition to the required curriculum, students are required to travel to Loyola's Chicago campus at least once during their tenure in the program for an Education Immersion Weekend (EIW). During the weekend, students gather in person to workshop or present their thesis/capstone project, attend workshops, participate in graduation activities, and meet with faculty, students and alumni.