Loyola University Chicago

Civitas ChildLaw Center

School of Law

Volume 2010


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1. Cedtrice Baker Desegregation Plans Benefit African-American Students
2. Julie Baker Single-Gender Charter Schools: Part of the Solution for Urban, Minority Boys
3. Ian Prentice Balom How the Supreme Court's Equal Protection Jurisprudence Striking Down Gender-Based Classification Systems Deprives Students of Equal Protection Under the Law
4. Ian Barney &
Lauren Dempsey
The Failure of Local Funding: Why Illinois Must Reform Public School Financing
5. Amber Battin & Dorian Tassie-Lowden Curriculum vs. Congress vs. Courts: Why Can't They Agree on Public Education?
6. Julia Beien Bullying in the Wake of Phoebe Prince: New Strategies for Combating Peer Bullying in Schools
7. Zephranie Buetow Part I: Early Legislation & American Education Part II: The Supreme Court and American Education
8. Kalia Coleman The Caliber of Sex Education in Public Schools: Abstinence Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education, Which is Better?
9. Kayla Colson Alternative Schooling: The Need to Improve Alternative Schools to Accommodate the Population They Serve
10. Meredith Crews School Choice for Some: Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities
11. John Doimas Inclusion for All: A Study and Proposed National Test to Determine the Least Restrictive Environment for Students Everywhere
12. Megan Ferkel Sexting: Punishing Students as Students and Not as Felons
13. Mallory Golas Achieving the Optimal School Year During a Struggling Economy
14. Hope Gray New Life for Educational Malpractice: Decades of Policy Revisited
15. Erin Gregory Education and Federalism: The Role for the Federal Government in Education Reform
16. Chrissy Guarisco Single-Sex Schools and Gender Roles: Barrier or Breakthrough?
17. Alicia Haller Tracking: An Inherently Inequitable Practice
18. Laura Hoffman A Matter of Harm: Why the U.S. Congress Must End Corporal Punishment Against Children in U.S. Schools
19. Eric Hults Special Education Finance: Tailoring State Aid to the Needs of Disabled Students
20. Shawn Lewis Education & Democracy: Shortcomings of Traditional Education and a More Progressive Approach
21. Zachary D. Limbaugh Kicking Capitalism Out of College
22. Eleana Lindsey As States Race to the Top, Are Children being Left Behind?
23. Wellington Lyons Remedying the Decline of Tinker: Expanding Students' Free Speech Rights Through State Avenues
24. Joann J. Ku Affirmative Action: A Double-Edged Sword for Asian Americans
25. Mary Katharine Ludwig School Resource Officers, The Special Needs Doctrine, and In Loco Parentis: The Three Main Attacks on Students' Fourth Amendment Rights Within the Schoolhouse Gate
26. Emily Magnuson Private Initiatives Continuing Segregation in the Deep South
27. Cara Matern Structure, Supervision and Services: The Best Educational Environment for Juvenile Offenders
28. Tanisha D. Mayo Diversity as a Compelling Interest at All Educational Levels
29. Jennifer Moisa Dare to Dream: The Dream Act, Turning Dreams into Reality
30. Megan Redmon Emphasizing Parental Involvement: Why No Child Left Behind Needs an Enforcement Clause
31. Claire M. Sabin Beyond Corey H. to a Full Continuum: The Role of Comprehensive Teacher Certification Schemes in the Progress of LRE
32. Bill Schramm Co-ed Schools with Single Sex Classrooms: A Fresh Look at Maximizing the Education Experience of Students
33. William Schubert Reasonably Addressing Student Safety Concerns in Special Education
34. Nathan R. Sellers Are Teachers Participating in Alternative Route to Certification Programs Highly Qualified Under the No Child Left Behind Act?
35. Jacqueline Stephens Cyberbullying: A State Problem, Not A School Problem
36. Amy Steves No Child Left Behind: A Critique of School-Based Physical Education Initiatives and Their Impact on Students with Disabilities
37. Gabriela Traxler-Romin Public Schools Ability to Discipline Students for Off-Campus Online Speech
38. Valerie Uribe Children Have a Constitutional Right to Pre-Kindergarten Education Programs
39. Ellen Westley Chartering the Path for Students with Disabilities
40. Amanda Wilson Failing to Generalize Skills: The Court's Inability to Apply IDEA's Guarantee of Residential Placement
41. Jennifer Woods Unschooled or Uneducated?: Striking a Balance Between Parental Choice and State Interests in the Unschooling Movement