Loyola University Chicago

Civitas ChildLaw Center

School of Law

Volume 2012


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  1. The Successes and Failures of the Chicago School District's Processes of Firing Tenured Teachers
    by: Joey Axelrod

  2. The Mismatch Effect: Fact or Fiction
    by: Theresa L. Berousek

  3. The Real Harm of Bullying & the Court's Failure to Protect Victims
    by: Rebecca Blabolil

  4. Residential Segregation and School Resegregation in America
    by: John Cicchetti

  5. Teacher Tenure Reform: It's Here, for Better or Worse
    by: Nimmi Cleve

  6. Fund-amental Disparities: Illinois Education Financing and the Need for Reform
    by: Leslie Cornell

  7. A Return to the Scopes Monkey Trial? A Look at the Application of the Establishment Clause to the Newest Tennessee Science Curriculum Law
    by: Brette Davis

  8. Education and No Child Left Behind in Juvenile Detention Centers
    by: Margaret M. Davis

  9. Victims with No Access to the Courts: Why Liability Should Be Imposed on School Districts for Bullying
    by: Katelyn Deady

  10. Parental Rights, State Responsibility & School Vouchers: The Potential in Chicago
    by: Jennifer Denny

  11. The Uncertainty of Denying Cert: Why No Answer Was the Wrong Answer When It Comes to Student Internet Speech
    by: David K. Duffey

  12. Beyond the Schoolhouse Gates: Regulating Off-Campus Speech
    by: Britany Fijolek

  13. The Reformer: The Driver of Effective Change in Urban School Districts
    by: Aleah Gathings

  14. Teachers Unions in America: Are They Helping or Hurting Our Education System?
    by: Karla Guerrero

  15. From Desegregation to Overrepresentation: The Damaging Effects of Nationally Standardized Assessments and Missidentification of Black Students as Disabled
    by: Ashley Heard

  16. The Journey to Becoming a Latina Lawyer
    by: Regina Hernandez and Lisbet Ballón

  17. Improving Measures of "Highly Qualified" Teaching: The Weaknesses of the NCLB Paradigm and the Importance of Multiple Methods of Evaluation
    by: Katherine Hinkle

  18. The Application of the 14th Amendment Procedural Due Process in Disciplinary Cases at Private and Public Universities
    by: Christopher Jordan

  19. A True Marketplace of Ideas: Why Designing the Ideal Curriculum Depends on Questioning the Right Answer
    by: Ray Kelsey and Edirin Ibru

  20. Learning from Their Mistakes: Education for Children Confined in Adult Facilities
    by: Jamie Knight

  21. On Cultural Diversity in Upper Education
    by: Gabriel Malavolti

  22. School for Sale: Commercialism in the Education System
    by: Catherine J. Merrill

  23. Checking the Box on Racial Classifications: Race Based Admissions Policies in Higher Education
    by: Sunethra Muralidhara

  24. The Value-Added Model and Its Appropriate Place in Evaluating Teachers
    by: Brian Nussbaum

  25. Issues Determining the Least Restrictive Environment for Special Education Students
    by: Kelleen O'Leary

  26. Enough "Tinker-ing" with Precedent: The Time Has Come to Adopt a Uniform Standard Specifically Addressing Off-Campus, Online Student Speech
    by: Meredith Ray

  27. Curbing the Teen Pregnancy and STD Epidemic Through Mandatory Comprehensive Education in Middle and High Schools
    by: Loren G. Renner

  28. From Scopes to Present: An Evaluation of Evolution Curriculum in Public Schools and Tennessee's Latest Attempt to Encourage the Teaching of Intelligent Design
    by: Emily Root

  29. Charter Public Schools: An Unacceptable Alternative
    by: Kaitlin Sheehan

  30. Illinois Teacher Pension Reform: Governor Quinn's Stabilization Plan and the Constitutionality of Reform
    by: Brad Snyder

  31. Time to Define Tinker's "Interference with the Rights of Others" Prong
    by: Jared Steinberg

  32. Miranda Goes to School: The Need to Safeguard Students' Fifth Amendment Rights in School-Based Interrogations
    by: Lynsey Stewart and Laura Knittle

  33. The Use of Race in University Admissions Policies
    by: Brian Stone

  34. Educational Networking: Must Students' Health & Safety Be Compromised to Attain the Benefits of Social Networking in the Classroom?
    by: Michael T. Tien

  35. When Inclusion is Beneficial for Students with Learning Disabilities
    by: Erica Vinson