Loyola University Chicago

Civitas ChildLaw Center

School of Law

Volume 2013


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  1. A Bright IDEA: The Need For Congress to Adopt Uniform Guidelines for Determining the Least Restrictive Environment
    by: Tim Bode

  2. Protecting Our Students: A Multi-Pronged Approach to Gang Prevention and Intervention
    by: Kevin Brejcha

  3. Gaining Ground: finding room for political compromise in the research of James Heckman and Charles Murray
    by: William Campbell-Bezat

  4. The Snyder Dissent and Classroom Dynamics: The Unseen Costs of Student Free Speech Rights
    by: Matthew Chimienti

  5. School Shootings: Identifying Traits of Perpetrators & How to Most Effectively Prevent Them
    by: Merrill Davis

  6. The No Child Left Behind Act Leaves Behind ESL Children
    by: Lorena Galvez

  7. Zero Tolerance: Is this the Answer to School Safety?
    by: Jenee Gaskin
  8. Education Vouchers!!! or Education Vouchers???
    by: Aisha N. Hurston-Brownlee

  9. Danger in the Classroom
    by: Alexandra Johnson

  10. Charter Schools Teachers in America: A better model for education
    by: Glenn Kenna

  11. Misusing Standardized Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers
    by: Jamie Levin

  12. Quality Over Quantity: Increasing Access to High Quality After-School Programs
    by: Emily Lowe

  13. Standards and Assessment: Why Race to the Top is the Preeminent Alternative to No Child Left Behind
    by: Steven A. Montalto

  14. He Said, She Said: The Problems with Information Sharing Between Law Enforcement and Schools
    by: Candace Moore & Johanne Verpil

  15. Fixing Alabama's Public School Enrollment Requirements in H.B. 56: Eliminating Obstacles to an Education for Unauthorized Immigrant Children
    by: Sean Mussey

  16. Terror Since the Public School Error: Reconciling Hip Hop and Education
    by: Randy Ojeda & Eduardo Roman

  17. Free to Choose: Incorporating School Choice into America's Public Education System
    by: Matthew Pagano

  18. A Time for the Supreme Court to Revisit Public School Student's Fourth Amendment Protection: Suspicionless Breathalyzer Testing Policies in Public Schools
    by: Keith Peters

  19. The Misallocation of Human Capital Resulting from Race-Conscious Admissions Policies
    by: Andrew Rehagen

  20. Beyond Title IX: Federal Legislative Antidotes to the Bullying & Harassment of Actual or Perceived LGBT & Gender Non-Conforming Students
    by: Larry D. Robertson

  21. Back to the Basics: Why Hazelwood Deference is Inappropriate in the University Context
    by: Melina Rozzisi

  22. Off the Street: Toward Restorative Justice Programs in School Disciplinary Settings
    by: Jillian Steinberg

  23. Illinois Needs to Fix School Funding
    by: Samantha Thoma

  24. I Pledge Allegiance to Religion?
    by: Alexa Vouros

  25. Teachers' Unions and Collective Bargaining Agreements: Roadblocks to Student Achievement & Teacher Quality or Educational Policy Imperatives?
    by: Robin Waters

  26. Unclear and Present Danger: Enhancing and Applying Current Mental Health Law to Minors in Schools Exhibiting At Risk Behavior
    by: Michael J. Westwood-Booth

  27. Teachers' Free Expression In The Classroom: An Exercise Worth Protecting
    by: Heather M. White

  28. Bullying and Free Speech: Can Schools Define Bullying and Survive a First Amendment Challenge?
    by: Agnieszka Zielinski