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Patrick Keenan-Devlin

Executive Director and Juvenile Justice Attorney, James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy (Evanston, IL)

Patrick serves as the Executive Director and Juvenile Justice Attorney at the James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy. The Moran Center provides integrated legal and social work services to low-income youth in Evanston, Illinois. Patrick represents low-income youth within the Evanston community in juvenile delinquency proceedings, special education matters, and school discipline proceedings.

During his tenure at the Moran Center, Patrick has worked to safeguard the procedural and substantive rights of youth who come into conflict with the law. Patrick goes above and beyond for his young clients – shepherding them to and from court, calling to see if they went to school, and shuttling them to counseling appointments. Patrick’s goal is to both protect his young clients’ liberties as well as to ensure their overall well-being.

Patrick started out at the Moran Center helping his juvenile delinquency clients secure educational evaluations, more comprehensive IEPs, and more effective supports and services in school resulting in improved attendance, grades, and reduced disciplinary issues. However, as families in the community learned about Patrick’s special education advocacy, the Moran Center drew-in pre-school, elementary, and middle school-aged clients without any interaction with the criminal justice system. Patrick expanded the Moran Center’s special education advocacy to serve pre-school and elementary-school aged children with the objective of keeping those children out of the criminal justice system – stemming the school-to-prison pipeline.

What advice do you have for Loyola students seeking a career in this field?

I feel extremely indebted to Professor Kathleen Hirsman for preparing me to hit-the-ground running as a new attorney, as well as for advising me on multiple occasions on how to handle complex legal issues. I urge all Loyola graduates to maintain their contacts at the law school, because as a new practitioner you will need help, and Loyola’s faculty are an immeasurable resource. 

Dated: January 6, 2016

Patrick’s title was changed to reflect his appointment as Executive Director of the Moran Center on July 1, 2016.