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Additional Initiatives

Additional Initiatives

Carol Harding Lecture Series
“Trauma and Resilience: Understanding Work with High Risk Children and Adolescents, will be the topic of this year’s annual Carol Harding Lecture Series, and part of the week-long intensive Children’s Summer Institute. The lecture series offers a wide-ranging interdisciplinary exploration of critical issues affecting children and is open to practitioners in the field, students, and the community at large. This year’s symposium will be held on May 17, 2016 from 10 am – noon.   To register email eforestieri@luc.edu.  

Child-focused Reform Activities
Policy Institute faculty members are actively engaged in a range of activities designed to "reinvent" the child welfare and juvenile justice systems to better serve the needs of children. For example, faculty and students have actively collaborated with the Illinois Models for Change initiative and the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission to promote effective juvenile justice policies in the state.

DCFS Courtroom Training
The Institute developed a curriculum and has trained over 1000 public and private child welfare caseworkers around Illinois with the goal of improving their ability to interact with the legal system as witnesses providing information to child protection judges.