Loyola University Chicago

Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

School of Law

Volume 22, Issue 2 - Spring 2013

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Table of Contents

Editor's Note‌
Carrie Gilbert, Editor-in-Chief 


Coverage Capped when You Need it Most: The Effect of Lifetime Insurance Limits on Cancer Patients
Christopher MacDonald

Private Use of Electronic Tracking Devices on Individuals with Dementia: Balancing Possible Ethical and Legal Issues with Potential Safety Benefits
Sarah Jin

End of Life Care: Why Living Wills are Ineffective and Why Death with Dignity Acts are a More Effective Approach
Ashley Whitefield

End-of-Life Care: The Legal, Cultural, and Interdisciplinary Barriers Hindering the Effective Use of Advance Directives
Rachelle Sico

Alzheimer’s Disease and Decision-Making: Are Mental Health Directives Appropriate for Illinois Residents?
Meghan Funk

Bridging the Title VI Gap: How Can the Affordable Care Act Address Racial Inequity in Nursing Homes?
Shana M. Scott, MPH

Baby Boomers and Electronic Health Records: Will PPACA’s Provisions Increase Adoption in Time to Meet Demand?
Alexander Mikulaschek

Extension of Liability for Abuse Against Nursing Home Residents Under the Nursing Home Care Act
Meghan Murray

Expanded Home and Community-Based Services Under the PPACA and LGBT Elders: Problem Solved?
Will Pridmore

Litigation as a Tool for Forcing Accountability in State-Based Long Term Care Settings For the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled: An Illinois Focus
Robert Garner

Deinstitutionalization: How the State Budget Has Overshadowed Public Policy in Caring for Illinois’ Mentally Ill‌
Lisa Dannewitz

Illinois Nursing Home Care Act: Addressing the Needs of the Mentally Ill in Nursing Homes
Caitlin McNulty

An Analysis of the Federal Medicaid Statute’s Spousal Anti-Impoverishment Provision in Light of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansion and Current Federal Budgetary Constraints
Deborah Moldover

Paying for the Long-Term Care of the Elderly: Current Sources of Payment, Potential Issues, and a Proposal for a New Way to Finance Long-Term Care
Eric S. Kim

Long-Term Care Insurance: An Endangered Species
Nimmi Cleve

The Role of Patient-Centered Medical Homes In Reducing State Medicaid Programs’ Long-Term Care Costs
Serj Mooradian