Loyola University Chicago

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School of Law

Volume 23, Issue 1 – Fall 2013

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Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Meghan T. Funk, Editor-in-Chief



A Prescription for the Future of Illinois’ Psychologists
Jean Yi Jinn Liu

Eliminating Scope of Practice Barriers for Illinois Physician Assistants
Jessica Wolf

The Nurse Will Be In Shortly: Expanding Access To Illinois’ Rural Areas Through Greater Nurse Practitioner Autonomy
Daniel J. Burns

Midwifery in Illinois: The Need for Independence
Jarel Curvey

Expanding the Scope of Midwifery Practice in Illinois: Feminist and Financial Arguments
Molly Ryder

Closing the Primary Care Gap: Is Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority the Answer?
Leighanne Root

The PPACA’s Impact on the Scope of Practice of Nurse Practitioners
Matt Brothers

Scope of Practice Constraints on Nurse Practitioners Working in Rural Areas
Courtney Kahle

The Retail Clinics’ Place in the Primary Care Shortage and the Need for Collaboration, Communication and Integration as a means of Preventing Fragmented Care
Kelly Gallo Strong

The Nurse Practitioner is in: Onsite Health Clinics and Their Benefits
Erica Cribbs

Why the Use of Telemedicine can Alleviate the Burden of Current Scope of Practice Norms for Nurse Practitioners and the Primary Care Shortage in the United States
Tyler Hanson

Acupuncture Licensing and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: An Opportunity for Greater Access to Alternative Medicine in America’s Changing Healthcare System
Katie Witham

Closing the Gap Between Military Medical Personnel and their Civilian Counterparts: A Possible Solution to the Expanding Nurse Shortage in the United States
Spencer Lickteig

Nurse Practitioners: Comparing Two States’ Policies
Colin Goodman

New Mexico: An Expansion of Scope of Practice Model
Andrea Reino

Maine: Setting the Example for the Role of Nurse Practitioners
Adrienne Saltz