Loyola University Chicago

Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

School of Law

Volume 21, Issue 2 - Spring 2012


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Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Seth Knocke, Editor-in-Chief


Solidarity or Personal Responsibility? A Look at the Lessons Switzerland's Health Care System Can Teach the United States
Britany Fijolek

The High Cost of Health: The French System and What It Means for the U.S.
Mira Radadia

A Brief Summary of the Australian Universal Health Coverage System: Must Increased Access Equate to Decreased Quality and Efficiency?
Kelly Gallo

Chilean Health Reform and the AUGE Plan: Lessons for the United States in Implementing PPACA
Carrie Gilbert 

Cost Control: What the United States Can Learn from Japan's Fee Schedule
Timothy Black

Addressing the Unacceptable State of Health Care in the U.S.: Lessons to be Learned from Spain's Focus on Primary Care
Sean Walter

Health Information Technology and Primary Care: Health Care Lessons from Denmark
Alissa Bugh

Advantages and Limitations of EHRs: A Global Perspective
Andrew Holmstrom

Turkish Pharmaceuticals: An Industry In Transition
Keshia Carswell

The National Essential Medicines List in China and What the United States Can Learn
Patrick Gleeson

Italy's Health Care System: Reducing Regional Disparities for At-Risk Populations
Alexandra Hall

Lessons from Canada's Equalization Regime: Examining America's Intergovernmental Efforts to Achieve Accessible Health Care Coverage Through Medicaid
Michaela Bantilan

Shortfalls of the Canada Health Act: Overstatements of Financial Benefits and Potential Pitfalls for the Critically Ill
Jeremy Ross

The Future of Dementia Care: What the U.S. Can Learn From Norway
Chris McAdam

Sex-Selective Abortion Law in China and Corresponding Conception in the United States
Tim Loveland

Lessons from New Zealand: The ''No-Fault'' Alternative to Medical Malpractice
Jason Robin