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Volume 22, Issue 1 - Fall 2012

Advance Directive

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Table of Contents

Editor's Note
Carrie Gilbert, Editor-in-Chief 


Extending Universal Health Care Access to the Rural Poor: Has China Shown Us the Way?
Grant Peoples

A Comparative Look at the Success of the Chilean Universal Coverage Program with a Focus on Diabetes and Oral Health Treatment and Its Potential Application to the United States Healthcare System
Marcus Morrow

Nixon and the PPACA
Michael Meyer

Why States Will Likely ''Opt Into'' the Medicaid Expansion
Joanne Krol

The California Health Benefit Exchange: Will California Learn From Its Past Efforts To Create A HealthCare Exchange
Alex Cooper

Changes to Reimbursement and Tax-Exempt Status Requirements May Raise Financial Concerns, But Non-profit Hospitals Stand to Benefit from HealthCare Reform
Loukas N. Kalliantasis

Health Reform's Push Towards Hospital Mergers: Will Antitrust Laws Adapt to Reach Reform Goals?
Jamie Levin

An Empty Promise? Wheaton College v. Sebelius and its Policy Implications on Impending PPACA Litigation
Steven A. Montalto

Access Through Cost: Improving Access to Quality Care Under the PPACA's System of Universal Coverage
Matthew Newman

The Effect of Medicaid Reform and Expansion on the Future of Long-Term Service and Supports in Illinois
Donna N. Miller

Online Long-Term Care Referral Sites: Increasing Access to Health Care or Violation of Federal Anti-Kickback Statutes?
Christopher Roby

Efforts at Mental Healthcare and Substance Abuse Treatment Reform
Megan Honingford