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With the many health care resources in the Chicago area, students are afforded an exciting opportunity to work with experts in the industry through Loyola's prestigious externship program. Externships are available to all campus JD and LLM in Health Law students on a for-credit or volunteer basis.

Approved Health Law Externship Sites
Students interested in obtaining a health law externship should review information about the available sites on Pearson. Please note that individual site requirements may vary and some require that a student be enrolled for credit.

To locate Health Law externships on Pearson:

  1. Navigate to the Pearson site here.
  2. On the left navigation bar select “OCI and Job Listings”
  3. In the search bar enter “Health Law”
  4. In the drop down menu below the search bar select “Type of Job: Externship”
  5. Select “Search” to generate list of postings and view application details

 Application Process

All students are encouraged to consult with Kristin Finn, Beazley Institute Program Coordinator, to discuss appropriate sites for their interests and skill level. Students should select and prepare materials for their top 3 site choices according to the instructions listed in the site description on the Pearson webpage. Students are responsible for submitting their own application materials and registering for the proper externship course. Students are generally expected to accept the first externship offer they receive

JD Student Externships
JD students wishing to earn course credit for a health law externship must register for the Health Law Externship course through the Loyola Externship Program.  The externship course program is administered by Josie Gough, Director of Experiential Learning, who can be reached at jgough@luc.edu.  

JD students wishing to complete a volunteer health law externship [for no credit] should state this in their application materials. While many health law sites welcome volunteer externs, others require that students be enrolled for course credit. It is the responsibility of the student to verify whether an externship site will accept a volunteer extern.

Campus LLM Student Externships

Every full-time campus LLM in Health Law candidate must complete an externship for credit. Students enrolled in the part-time LLM program may elect to complete an externship. Please visit the LLM Curriculum page for detailed requirements. LLM students may earn up to 3 externship credits.

LLM students should use the LLM in Health Law Externship Guide to apply for externships. If you have questions about selecting health law externship sites, please contact Kristin Finn at kfinn1@luc.edu. Once an LLM student obtains externship placement, they must submit the  Graduate Law Programs Course Approval Form to Kristin Finn to be enrolled for credit.

Individual Forms from the Externship Guide are available as PDF documents below:
Graduate Law Programs Course Approval Form (signed by Kristin Finn)
Acceptance Form (to be signed by site supervisor)
Mid-Term Evaluation (to be completed by site supervisor)
Final Evaluation (to be completed by site supervisor)
Externship Student Evaluation

Online LLM Student Externships

Online LLM in Health Law candidates are not required to complete an externship. Online LLM students who are living in the Chicago area may apply to approved health law externship sites, listed on Pearson.

Online LLM students who do not live in the Chicago area are able to pursue their own externship opportunity. The externship site must be health law related, generally an in-house or government position, and the position must be unpaid. Once the student has certification that he or she has been accepted as an extern, please contact Kristin Finn for help enrolling for credit.

Online students should consult the LLM in Health Law Externship Guide for additional information about the academic requirements of an externship.

Please note that Loyola University Chicago will certify a student’s good standing and eligibility to pursue an externship. Loyola is unable to sign any contract formalizing the relationship between the University and an externship site.  Externship sites may require that students abide by all rules and regulations of the organization.